• Celebrate

    We remember the special  touches.  Chocolate and happy gatherings go well together.  Our hand crafted bonbons make weddings, holiday parties, and milestones more unique, fun, and memorable.  For larger events, we’ll create custom flavors, fillings and designs to make your gathering the one they’ll smile about years later.

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  • Gift Boxes

    Everybody brings wine.  But to let them know they’re unique, give our hand crafted bonbons.  Our flavor ensemble boxes make a big impression as party favors, host & hostess thank-you’s, and holiday gifts.

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  • Flavors

    Most boxed chocolates taste the same.  But our original flavor pairings will surprise your palate.  We test dozens of fresh and delicious ingredients to find the ones which get the most ‘yums-up’.

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Hand crafted in Brooklyn

Remember how special chocolate felt when you were 5 years old?  Snappy’s products give you that feeling again, but with more sophistication.  Our bonbon collections, spreads, and confections each reflect the thought and care we bring to our close friends and loved ones–so you can share them with yours.

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"Whoa, these are the greatest treats ever! Beautiful AND delicious."

- Julia, happy customer