Afterschool Special

Caramel could make friends with anyone and could sit at pretty much any table in the cafeteria. One day at recess, Caramel saw Cookies on its own trying to teach itself sailors’ knots in the corner of the playground. On the other side of the yard, Salty Potato Chips was jumping rope alone. Caramel knew they were both happy on their own, but saw the potential for a beautiful (if unlikely) friendship. Caramel invited each of them to come over after school, and asked them to bring their ropes. They met outside Caramel’s house. Caramel took Cookie Butter’s knot-tying rope and Chips’s jumprope: ‘With three of us,’ Caramel said, ‘we can do Double Dutch’. And so they did.

Ingredients: caramel, speculoos cookies, salted potato chips

Yes Pecan!

Pecan sometimes feels like it gets pigeonholed. Sure, it’s really good at pie, but it’s not ONLY good at pie. But there were always the doubters, the nay-sayers. ‘Stick to what you’re good at!’ they’d say. ‘I’ll show you how to stick to things!’ Pecan would reply. And that’s exactly what it did: it went searching for Caramel, and made an unlikely proposition for a collaboration. Caramel wasn’t sure at first, but would try anything once - and from the first, Caramel knew that Pecan was right. And the world knew: Don’t try to tell Pecan what it can and can’t do.

Ingredients: caramel, pecan praline, feuilletine

Coffee Crunch

Coffee had the same routine every morning: grind, brew, pour, repeat. It thought that was all it needed. The days blurred together, and time passed.

Then one day, Hazelnut walked into its life and changed everything. Each morning, a dash of Hazelnut gianduja made Coffee feel alive; each day felt like a new adventure. Some days Coffee woke up missing its bachelor days; but then Hazelnut walked back into the room, and Coffee realized it would never again be able to live without its nutty embrace.

Ingredients: dark chocolate coffee ganache, hazelnut and coffee praline

Hazel Shade of Crunchy

Hazelnut enjoys being a friend, a partner, a mentor, and a teammate. It really feels its mission in life is to be a helper, enhancing the ambitions of those it loves. But every once in a while, it dares to dream. What would it be like to be a star? To throw on some lipstick and a boa, lace up some high-heeled boots, and strut out on stage for a glittering solo? It would dazzle, at times crooning a soft creamy ballad and at times belting out a crunchy torch song. …And the crowd would roar.

Ingredients: gianduja, toasted hazelnuts

Passion Lane

Welcome to Passion Lane!" proclaimed the sign at the entrance to the cul-de-sac. "I wonder what that means?" said Coconut, driving the car. "Let's turn around," said Almond from the backseat. But Coconut plowed ahead, and as they drove on they looked around with awe: the Passionfruits were throwing a party. They were hanging off the lampposts, playing drums in the street, and drinking cocktails on the lawns. Somehow there was a palm tree growing at the end of the lane. Coconut parked and jumped out of the car, saying "Let's party!" Almond hesitated, but several welcoming (and slightly tipsy) Passionfruits pulled it from the car, draped a lei around its neck, and brought Almond and Coconut into the drum circle. "You're the designated driver!" was the last thing Coconut said to Almond as they were enveloped by friendly Passionfruits of every shape, color, and size. Almond just shrugged and said "I know."  

Ingredients: passionfruit ganache, passionfruit coconut, almond paste and feuilletine

Lemon Whisper

Lemon woke with a feeling that today would be different. Something good was coming. It brushed its teeth and looked at itself in the mirror, noticing that today it looked - and felt - just a little bit brighter. It heard a far-off voice (could it be coming from inside Lemon itself?) repeating quietly but quite clearly: "You are enough." Lemon stood up straighter. "I AM enough," it said out loud. "Look out world!" 

And when Lemon walked out of its front door that day, the world did look out: passersby smiled without knowing why, children giggled, birds sang, and the sun looked down at Lemon and said to itself "Now THAT's a nice shade of yellow."

Ingredients: lemon ganache


It was 2am. The streets were quiet, blinds were drawn, and there was scarce a soul in sight. Dark Chocolate Ganache stood silently under a streetlight, looking around alertly. It was waiting for something.

A car turned the corner and approached slowly. As it passed Dark Chocolate, the window rolled down and something was tossed from the vehicle into Dark Chocolate’s waiting hands:  a slice of Orange. It was a message. And Dark Chocolate Ganache knew what to do. 

Ingredients: 70% dark chocolate ganache with a hint of orange

Secret Stacio

Pistachio makes a good secret agent because it’s discreet. It can blend in. It is a master of disguises, and in fact has patented the renowned Pistachio Mustachio. But if you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet the real Pistachio one day. A smooth chocolatey talker most of the time, but will surprise you at times with its crunchy wit. 

Ingredients: pistachio ganache

Coco Smile

Coconut and Almond were having a lazy morning after a late night. "What should we do today?" asked Almond. "I'll bake cookies!" said Coconut. "Great," said Almond, "and I'll just lie here until you bring me fresh-baked cookies. Good plan." It was a Herculean effort, but Coconut managed to get out of bed and make it to the kitchen. 

Several hours, 3 spills, 4 broken eggs, and 1 smoke alarm later, Coconut walked into the bedroom with a plateful of coconut cookies. "Voila!"

Coconut and Almond spent the rest of the day eating cookies in bed. "Now this," said Almond, "is what I call a productive day." Coconut just smiled.

Ingredients: coconut and almond ganache, coconut cookies, coconut and almond paste

Fragole Gee

Fragole Gee

Strawberry completed its pre-flight check and jumped back in the cockpit. "N990TS to control, ready for take-off, do you copy? Over." "Copy, Tango Sierra, clear for take-off! Standing by." Strawberry felt the familiar flutter of excitement as the engines roared and the Cessna moved into position. And when it felt the inevitable lift as the plane left the ground, Strawberry whooped with glee. This feeling never got old.

Looking down at the familiar landscape, Strawberry noticed new things each time. And as the airport got smaller and smaller, Strawberry flipped a loop-the-loop and tipped the plane's wings in a joyful salute. "Nice one, Tango Sierra," the tower chirped over the radio. "Just a little Strawberry Ganache panache", replied Strawberry, and grinned as it soared into the clouds.

Ingredients: strawberry ganache

Key Green

Key Lime and Graham Cracker could not be more different as friends, but they are great together at parties. KL is a little bit impulsive and loud, but as soon as it walks into a room all other heads turn to look and admire. GC tends to go unnoticed, hugging the wall and quietly eating hors d’oeuvres as it observes the partygoers. But they have an arrangement: KL helps GC step out of its shell and get on the dance floor. GC gently pulls KL aside when it’s being just a teensy bit too loud, and quietly whispers ‘hey, wanna sit this one out?’ at just the right time.

They could not be more different, but they’re perfect together.

Ingredients: key lime ganache, graham crackers