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Snappy Chocolates

Here at Snappy Chocolates, we believe that chocolates should delight your eyes and surprise your palate. The ‘snap’ should please your ears when biting into a fine piece of chocolate; it’s the chocolatier’s favorite song.

Snappy Chocolates was born in Brooklyn, NY during the Spring of 2018 as a side project for Jennifer Singer, software engineer turned chocolatier. Juggling full-time work as a web developer and a mom, Jen needed an outlet for her chocolate chops. She started providing weddings with her unique and colorful bonbons as favors, and selling boxes of bonbons as gifts around the holidays. Jen’s head for numbers, love of aesthetics, and discerning palate made her transition from coder to chocolatier a natural one.

Snappy Chocolates

She tinkered with formulas to perfect ganache recipes, tempered her chocolate to get that all-important shine and snap, and created colorful and unique designs. It all came together to make Snappy Chocolates a full-time reality during the pandemic fall of 2020, at a time when people especially needed moments of enjoyment and escape.

With colorful bonbons, delectable fillings, fun shapes and whimsical colors, Snappy ships boxes of delight from coast to coast. Stay tuned for announcements of more delicious products!